Acid bateing/ How do you use it,when and for how long .

Submitted by Leroy P. on 12/11/00. ( )

I've searched the old questions and could not find an answer to my question.
Acid bateing-How do you use it in saftee acid pickle and how long does it take to see results?[how can you tell if it done its job!]
I have a Bison hide section,to tan.It has been in the pickle for a week. Can i add acid bate to the pickle now and would it work as stated. I shaved it once already and had to change my pickle was filthy with dirt.

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No specific time period

This response submitted by John C on 12/11/00. ( )

had you read the qyestions carefully you would have found the answer. each hide is different. Acid, shave, acid, shave till the acid has penetrated.


This response submitted by Steve on 12/11/00. ( )

Why must everyone refer people to the archives.I know they are
full of info,and probably what were looking for,But some of us
don't have time to go searching for something.The reason we ask
questions here is so we can get a quick response and get back to

Because its repetitive to answer thm over and over

This response submitted by John C on 12/11/00. ( )

Really Steve, would you do a term paper without doing your research? Would you try to paint a car without learning some basics?

Its the old crawl, toddle, walk, run, idea.

If I feed you, I can feed you for a day, If I teach you to fish, you can feed yourself for a lifetime.

I Don't intend to sound harsh, but I will not beat around the bush with it. Many of these questions are showing a lack of research on the person who is asking them.

Where do you think we learned it before God let Gore invent the INTERNET? From buy or borrowing books. You learn more by reading and trying it than us having the quick cure. What happens the next time your server is down or you computer gets a virus? If you have the reference to work from, its mouse poop, it just ain't no problem.

Have a great day.
John C

Acid Bate

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co on 12/11/00. ( )

Hello Leroy,

You should always Add your acid Bate to the pickling solution.It works on the acid side of the ph scalein a range of 1.0-3.5. As with the use of , for an example, Safetee Acid, allowing it to soak in your solution for roughly 3 days and then procede with the fleshing and then neutrilizing will work well for you.
Its low range makes it possible to Bate and Pickle in one operation, without slippage.Its enzymes dissolve and remove all excess gelatinous materials from the fibers, producing a more thoroughal tan with added softness.
I hope that this has been of help to you.
If you have anymore questions about this or need some help, feel free to contact me at (1-800)843-3320 ext 105 or you may e-mailme at this address.
Have a good day.....Dave Belanger>Product Specialist

Slow down Steve

This response submitted by archiver on 12/12/00. ( )

Steve, you answered your own question. You don't have time to search for answers? And you think these professionals have TIME to repeatedly answer the same questions over and over again? BINGO!

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