Commercial Tannery Question

Submitted by Mark F on 12/11/00. ( )

I been reading the archives and I'm a little confused on how to prep the capes before sending them to a commercial tannery. What I typically do is flesh the hide (Flesh meaning scrape all fat and meat away). Then I take my mini-flesher and shave the cape as thin as I can. Then I split the nose, eye-lids, ears, etc (Cape is still Green). Finally I salt heavy for one day then reaply the next day. Cape gets hard, however I am still able to fold, then off to tannery. I have been reading that other taxidermist don't do the shaving part. Is this acceptable? If so do the tannery charge extra for the shaving work or is it part of the tanning process? I appreciate all replys.

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Don't shave it thats the tannery's job

This response submitted by JOhn C on 12/11/00. ( )

Scrape it, turn it, split it out, remove all red meat and fat, salt it, for 24 hours, resalt it for another 24 hours, just make sure the body fluids can drain away. Now dry it with a fan, ROLL IT UP and ship to them. Nothing more nothing less, it really is this simple. JOhn C

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