Tanning soft

Submitted by John Hemba on 12/11/00. ( )

Does the tanning kits you by do a good job. Im talking about getting hides soft as what you by. If so whitch one,and how to apply. Thank You

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Getting a tanned hide soft

This response submitted by Dave At VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. on 12/11/00. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )

Hello John,

To answer your question,YES....MOST OF THE TANNS, BOTH TRUE TANS AS WELL AS SYNTHETIC TANS, can become very soft and plyable.But all this will be determined by the amount of time you put into it.
To soften the skins up, you'll need to apply the tanning oils to them3-5 times and break them.You would do this with the skin side down and work it over the edge of a table or saw horse etc.
The more times you oil and break, the softer and more plyable the hide will be for you.
If you need any more help with this or did'nt understand what I was trying to say, feel free to give me a call at (1-800)843-3320 ext105 or you can e-mail me at this address.

Good luck to ya and have a great day.............Dave Belanger

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