Washable White Tan

Submitted by D.J. Mathias on 12/11/00. ( frnkdona@cut.net )

For years I have needed a washable white tan (not for mounting). Alum, in all its forms, is a white tan but not permanent. Chrome is permanent but gives white fur a bluish gray tint. After much research and many experiments, I have perfected the tan I wanted using common, inexpensive materials. Now I wish others would try it and see how it works for them. I will mail the instructions to anyone who would like to try the method and tell me about their results. The booklet gives clear step-by-step directions that should work for any mammal from mice to moose! Email me or snail mail to Box 714, Moroni, Utah 84646. Thanks.

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washable white tan

This response submitted by Donald Roberson on 12/15/00. ( buckhunter64@aol.com )

hello. my name Donald Roberson and i would like to try
your washable white tan on my elk rug.

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