I need reference on dakoda IV

Submitted by Leon on 12/12/00. ( mith124@hotmail.com )

I am thinking to buy a fleshing machine, I can not afford the very big ones so I being thinking to get the Dakoda IV, if you have this machine, please tell me what has being your experience with it? there is any other fleshing machines under 500.00

Thank you


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I have one.

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/12/00. ( trigger@indy.net )

I like mine pretty well. I was the same as you I did not have a fortune to spend.
It is probably not as fast as the larger models but it works fine.
There is also a new flesher called the Quebec Lite. It is a full size
flesher but I think it is slowed down so a beginner will make less mistakes.
I have never used one but it is advertised in the Breakthrough Magazine.

Todd B


This response submitted by mike on 12/12/00. ( jeepin@egyptian.net )

i got one last year did 10 then and have done 20 this year more works great blades are not as good grade as the big one or something because on my second blade


This response submitted by Smitty on 12/15/00. ( )

I bought one at the New York taxidermy convention last July. NEVER used a fleshing machine before this and i had a cape in the pickle ,so when i got home with it i had to try it out ,WOW I did the face and the rest of the cape in about 45 min.iI only put one small hole in it.

Great Machine

This response submitted by Dan R on 12/15/00. ( deerstuffer@hotmail.com )

Just got mine set up last week and pulled a cape out of the pickle to try it out. My first time on the round knife and I only cut a couple of holes. It did a real nice job and I finished the cape in less than an hour. I think this is the perfect machine for the taxidermist that only does a few capes a year. If your going to do a lot then get the full size machine. If you only do a few and send most off to the tannery then this is the machine for you.

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