Submitted by dewey on 12/12/00. ( )

Just tanned a whitetail cape with Liqua-Tan, but forgot the neutralizing step. Got in a hurry. Can I wash out the tan enough to neutralize, then tan again? It is a spare cape,so there will be no angry customer to try to explain things to,(this time}!

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liqua tan

This response submitted by mike d on 12/12/00. ( the_taxidermist@yahoo.com )

Don't worry about it!
That's the way I was taught to tan when I started doing
taxidermy 12 years ago; I have mounts that I did at school
that were done that way and they are still in excellent shape
We were taught to formic pickle, drain, and apply Liqua-Tan
without neutalizing- the Liqua tan itself has higher ph than
the pickle, and if you use enough to thoroughly penetrate the skin,
it will bring the ph up some.

for what its worth...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/12/00. ( )

I believe Liquatan bonds to the hide as a tan at pH of 6. Id ask Mark at Jonas, to be sure. I DO know that pickles have to be neutralized.

Liqua Tan Ph

This response submitted by Mark on 12/13/00. ( knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

You will probably be okay with what you have done, The Liqua Tan will work in a range of Ph from 3 to 7. Yes we do say it works the best at 4 to 5.0 . I think your skin will be fine, if you want to neutralize you can just soak the skin in your neutralizing bath and maybe add a thin coat of Liqua Tan once you remove and rinse. The only thing that may be present would be just residual acid.



This response submitted by JEFF C on 12/13/00. ( jc2@nycap.rr.com )

If i were you i'd atleast rinse tha cape.Your pickle should have salt in it and you want to rinse all the salt out.What might happen if you dont is after the mount has dried and we get one of the humid summer days/nights the salt in your mount will start to draw moister out of the air and then you'll have a real mess!

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