there is anyway I can get a soft pelt / without a comercial

Submitted by Leon on 12/13/00. ( )

there is anyway I can get a soft pelt / without those huge comercial tumblers. Without it there is any way I can get a pelt that soft, or it is just mision imposible. all help is very much appreciate it


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Use Your Dryer

This response submitted by Brandon on 12/13/00. ( )

get Rineharts Catalog and They sell Dryer conversion plans for 3.00 I believe.

Pull It

This response submitted by Dan K on 12/13/00. ( )

After you shave, tan and oil, lay it out flat. When it starts to dry, stretch it by hand. Let dry some more, and pull every 4-6 hours or when it is dry enough to do some good, but has enough moisture not to be hard yet. Do this as it drys, as needed, until it is fully dry. For me deer take about 3 days. The longer you can stretch out the drying process, the more times you can pull it, the softer it will be. Unless you have time to babysit it and dry it faster. If hide is thin enough, yes you can get it as soft as commercial jobs. Hope this helps. Dan

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