Can I sucessfully thin a hide w/out a fleshing machine

Submitted by Leon on 12/13/00. ( mth124$ )

I was wodering if there is any way I can sucessfully thin a hide w/out a fleshing machine. how could I get thin. is this posible or the only way is a fleshing machine


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Sure you can!

This response submitted by John C on 12/13/00. ( )

Using a portion of pvc pipe 8 inch dia. and a single edged razor blade hold the blade at a 90 degree angle to the pipe and draw it to you. Thats all there is, they ain't no more to it, ceptin the many time ya got to do it. Over and Over/

You might try this too!

This response submitted by Steve T. on 12/14/00. ( SBT109 )

I've used a "skife" knife for years. Its about the same principle as the pvc and blade, but a lot easier to control. It holds a small single edge razor blade in a curved position.All you do is draw it toward you. Works great around the face and lips. Check out the supply catalogs, Resaerch Mannikins sell the knife for about $5.00. Like the pvc, its going to take a while, but it does a nice job.

yep, a bean and elbow grease

This response submitted by caspian on 12/14/00. ( )

Like John said, a PVC pipe and metal blade will do it. If you make a beam, there are a couple of ways to do it. one is a leaning beam where it leans against a wall. in this case you are drawing it down and have the hide pinched b/t the wall and the beam to hold it. the other type of beam (one i prefer) is where you lean your chest or abdomen (depending on how high it is) against the hide and that holds it in place. in this case you would push away from you.
If your hide has hair on it, it will be more diffucult b/t the unevenness will make the hide buckle and get cut easily.
If you're doing a hair on hide and want to thin it w/o a machine, i would suggest dry scrapping it. More info on dry scrapping @ or e-mail me.

good luck and have fun.


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