too much oil?

Submitted by frank on 12/13/00. ( )

I just tanned my first deer skin for a rug,(lutan)oiled with pro plus,twice then broke after it dried.Why is there a heavy coat of dried oil on there?Is this normal or did i apply too much oil? I tried sanding it off but this is a long drawed out afair.Should the skin be snow white when i'm done or not? thanks for any help.

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Yes - too much oil!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/13/00. ( )

It does sound like too much oil - or - you oiled a cold skin with a warm oil and it just didnt take well. It isnt often mentioned - but having the skin at least at room temp before oiling helps the oil penetrate better, instead of only laying on the top. To remedy it, you can "dry Clean" it. Simply place it in a plastic garbage bag (or a drum if you have one), add sawdust and a solvent like Odorless Mineral Spirits from your local hardware, and toss it around to degrease the outer surfaces. DONT allow the skin to sit there however, or the solvent will begin to leach out what little oil was in the skin. And yes your skin should be a creamy white leather color when done.

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