salted capes

Submitted by Rich J on 12/17/00. ( )

after a cape has been salted for 2 days will it be ok to leave it out(like on my workbench) while i wait on supplies for pickel solution or should i just wait to salt after i got everything,

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Salt it now

This response submitted by jhart on 12/17/00. ( )

Salt it now.....leaving it out won't hurt it. I'd try to leave it someplace cool, but don't wait until your supplies arrive. Get it salted! If it has been salted for two days, I'd shake that salt out of it, salt it again with clean salt and then leave it until your supplies arrive. It is important to get the salt on it as soon as possible.

Another Thing

This response submitted by Marc on 12/17/00. ( )

I agree with jhart, salt it as soon as you can. I would however not leave it on your work table as it is probably a flat suface and the leetched fluids will have nowhere to drain. Try hanging it over a bucket to catch the fluid or lay it on a slanted surface. Milk crates work well for this also. Happy Holidays! Marc

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