How do you keep the hide completly submerged? and a few more

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question.....Just starting out, using the WASCO Lutan F kit on a whitetail hide. First question is, when pickling and tanning how do you keep the complete hide submerged in the salution? Im doing this in a 10 gallon plastic bucket. I presently am taking a smaller bucket full of water and setting it on top but this does not work all that great and Im sure there is a better way. Second question is, after it pickled for 24 hrs I noticed that the hair seemed to "break" easy. It was not coming out in huge clumps but it sure did seem weak and some folicals where present. I know animals shed but this much? Will this tighten up after the tanning and drying? I followed the WASCO directions to a "T" and there was no "slipping" when I started. My next question is, Im going to try the EZ 100 WASCO kit next and was wondering if the directions contained in this kit is what most people use or is there a better set of directions. Reason I ask is after getting the Lutan F kit I have noticed a lot of variations in the tanning procedurer with this chemical. Last question, what is an "auto tanner"? I have seen reference to this but no web site showing it (just curios) Thanks in advance for any help! Will

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You've come to the right place

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You are very fortunate as a beginner to have found this web site. There is a wealth of information submitted by a myriad of knowlegeable folks. If you look to the left of your screen you will find a list of categories. Click on tanning and you will find everything that has been written on auto tanners, and tanning proceedures and associated problems. If you are not able to find the answer there (however unlikely), the pro's that frequent this forum will be more than likely up to the challenge of addressing a new and yet to be discussed issue.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Maybe this will help.

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First of all you "hair breaking" problems sounds interesting. My first question would be are you fleshing and salting your hide prior to tanning? If so then my next question would be about your pickle. What kind of pickle are you using because it is very important to maintain your Ph while using a pickle bath. You may be very well "burning" your hide up. By burning it up I mean your Ph is to low or not staying low enough. This could cause some problems however. If your salting then pickling, your hair shoud be set.
As far as the tans your are using. They all have somewhat of a same base but yes you can see variations in all. Not everyone fixes there soup the same way I quess. To address your last questions, what is an auto-tanner. It is a pressurized tanning tank that tans/pickles your hides in less time than just soaking. Look on for more info. He sells the tanners through his company. They are very expensive and should only be considered if you are doing alot of work. I do have one in my shop and am very pleased with it. But, when it come to tanning there are many questions raised about the quality of tan you are getting in what ever process you use. I have a full time job and do to my current work load am having to go to a commercial tannery. This is something you might think about if you are only doing one or two. In the money you have spent on chemicals you could have sent the hide of and had alot less time in it. Anyway I'm opening another can of worms there so I hope I have helped in some way. If you have a questions feel free to contact me or stay on this site. I still learn from it.

Opps, one more thing.

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I forgot one thing. The original question, How do you keep yours hides submerged? Don't worry about this so much. Just keep stirring the hides when ever possible, two to three times a day should be plenty. This will allow the pickle to penetrate the whole hide.

Thanks Bill and David, here is some more info:

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Thanks for your help! Here is some more info for the questions you asked David,"My first question would be are you fleshing and salting your hide prior to tanning? If so then my next question would be about your pickle. What kind of pickle are you using because it is very important to maintain your Ph while using a pickle bath." Yes, I did flesh and salt prior to pickling. I did not totaly dry out the hide and rehydrate prior to pickling (did not learn about that till reading this forum extensivly today. It does not state to do that in the WASCO instructions) The acid I used was the WASCO supplied Acid Bath crystals. As far as the PH Im sure of it staying bellow 2 but I did not know it could go to low and that might be it. Not sure how accurate this ph test kit is that comes with it. I probably easyly gone below 1 and not known it. Live and learn. Thanks for the information on tha Auto tanner. I was just real curios. Thanks again for the great help. I have 4 more hides to practice on to try to get it right :) Will

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