Hair Slippage

Submitted by Steve A. on 12/17/00. ( )

I've been tanning deer capes for quite a while using lutan-f. Occaisionally I experience some hair slippage in the brisket or ear areas. Not a great deal but enough to cause some serious problems. I'm not sure what is the cause. Maybe if I tell you my method maybe someone can spot something wrong with what I am doing. I would sure appreciate your imput because this is driving me crazy and I'm about ready to start sending all my capes out. After fleshing I salt and resalt the next day. I place them on milk carts in my basement. I live in Eastern Montana so humidity is not a problem. I don't use a fan. Maybe this would help dry them out more quickly. The temperature in my basement is very cool. About 50 degrees. After rock hard I rehydrate them in cold water. When soft I put them in the pickle. I move things up stairs when I pickle and tan, where it is warmer. I monitor the PH closely on the pickle, but I've been getting a little lax on checking the ph on the Lutan solution. (Maybe this is the problem area). I'm also wondering if I should be rehydrating the salted capes in a salt solution as Mr. Rittel does. I think this would keep the hair tighter, yet most of the taxidermists I know just use plain water. I'm also wondering when I flesh using a fleshing beam I do not always flesh from tail to head on deer. It's much easier in the brisket area to go from head to tail on deer capes. I try not to let the capes stay in a wet condition too long because I know this can lead to slippage. The rest of my tanning sequence is pretty standard. Can anyone see anything that is glaringly wrong with what I am doing. Again I would sure be greatful for your advice. Thanks Steve.

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Many things

This response submitted by Mark on 12/18/00. ( )


Their are a few things that you can do to help, first if you have the skins in the basement that will take much longer for them to dry, if you have to have them down their yes put a fan down their, and maybe get a de-humidifier. Do you notice your skins slipping right away or after they have been mounted, My guess is after they have been mounted, for the simple fact is the brisket is slipping. The reason for the brisket to slip is because after you mount the deer the moisture will go with gravity and go to the lowest point of the deer, which is the brisket, the water is simply running to the lowest point. To help solve this problem put a fan on the mount in a warm room to help speed up the drying process. Also if your using a water based hide paste add some Basacryl NBKU to the solution to retard any mold.



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