Hair slippage and form repair help

Submitted by pittenger on 12/17/00. ( )

I recently took in a deer head that a customer took 5 days to get it to me. It appeared to be a good cape but has been mounted up for over 2-weeks now. The hair has all set but in the lower shoulder area it is slipping bad. I told him when he brought it to me that i didnt think the cape would even fit due to the poor caping job. He told me at that time to cut the kneck as short as i had to make it fit. I would like to cut off about 6 inches off the back and then some how rehook the board to the back. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This response submitted by Terry on 12/18/00. ( )

Is it already mounted and you want to shorten the form? If it hasn't been mounted, simply put the form on your stand, cut the amount off you need to, cut the excess foam off the backboard, trace the "new" shape of the back of the form onto the now oversized backboard, use jigsaw or bandsaw to cut excess, bondo the backboard back on. If it is already mounted for two weeks, then what you have is probably what you have. The mount will continue to dry, don't touch it! After a couple more weeks, what hair is set will be set and you can blow or comb the loose hair off. Maybe someone else can help you if it is mounted and you want to try to rehydrate it off the form. Terry

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