re-using solutions

Submitted by jesse on 12/18/00. ( )

is it o.k. to re-use brine and pickle solutions or do you have to make an entirely new solution after each deer hide. i use the liqui-tan method and include the pickling process,thanks.

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Re-using solutions

This response submitted by Dave at VanDykes Taxidermy Supply Co. on 12/18/00. ( )

Goodmorning Jesse,

As reguarding to the re-using the pickling solutions, I personally would advise against it!
If you think about it.....The previose hides would have gotten the pickle pretty dirty.You've also gotten body fluids from the other hides,and transfered them into your pickling solution.This may cause bacteria to set into another hide.Remember, not all acids for your pickle allow the use of a bactericide as the ph. may be drasticly altered.
Besides.......The cost of salt and a good acid is realy mominal,so why take that chance?
I hope that this has been of help to you.If you have any more questions on this matter, you can contact me at (1-800)843-3320 ext.105 or feel free to e-mail me at this address.

Have a great day......Dave At VanDyke's

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