different methods of tanning

Submitted by jesse on 12/18/00. ( harris0615@juno.com )

just thought of another question.i basically use the method for deer taxidermy taught by sallie dahmes in her whitetail a-z tape,however,i use liquitan for my tanning. my question is why for different tanning processes do you see different solutions recommended for the brine and pickle solutions. some say 1lb of salt for each gallon of waterthe brine solutions others advise two pounds of salt per gallon. others advise different p.h's for the tanning solution. it seems to me that the method of tan should not make a difference in the brine and pickle solutions as the cape will be neutralized and shaved prior to any tanning.am i missing something?

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Pickling and tanning

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. on 12/18/00. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )


The amount of salt that you put into your pickling solution will often be dictated by the acid that you use.Some will work best with a ph. of 1.0 and others at 1.5 to 2.0
Pickling does many things....It removes the Globular protiens as well as the gelinous protines. It will plump the hides up, allowing easier fleshing. It allows longer working time with the hides, without the worries of slipage. Infact, if the ph. is maintained, you could leave a hide an your pickle for years!
As far as the ph in a tanning......The same principle applies as to the most afectiveness. As with the use of Lutan-F (for an example) it will tan most affectively at a ph of 4.0 and the same goes for the E-z 100.
As far as the Liqua tan, you dont need to worry about it's ph, as its already established for you in the mixture.So the ph levels are important to follow for the best results for the tannings.Follow the instructions closeley per product that you are using.

Hopefuly this will help answer you questions!
Be well....Dave at VanDyke's

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