Safest way to thaw out green deer cape?

Submitted by Jeff S. on 12/18/00. ( )

I am fairly new at taxidermy.This only my second year.When I receive customers deer heads I skin them off and let them cool,then i double bag them and freeze.Was wondering the safest way to thaw them out so I can begin splitting lips,eyes,nose,etc..I just saw on Knoblochs web page that they recommend to thaw raw skins in a salt solution,and basacryl.So I take out of freezer and put right in thi solution?Any input on this topic would greatly be appreciated!Thank you.Jeff S.

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Hang them

This response submitted by Leanna on 12/18/00. ( )

Take the hide out of the bag and hang it on a hook hung from the ceiling so the air gets around all the hide at once, rather than lay it on a table to thaw. I like to hang them late at nite and they are "usually" ready to work on in the morning. I've never soaked one in anything prior to fleshing.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 12/18/00. ( )

It seems that, as you get older and more experienced, you worry
less about things like slippage. Usually, you'll not have any problems regardless.

The BEST way to thaw a cape, to minimize the risk of slippage, is to thaw in denatured alcohol. The Knoblochs solution works great also, and if you use it, then yes, go straight from the freezer to the solution.

Good Luck

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