Submitted by EARL on 12/19/00. ( ANTLERSANDWINGS@HOME.COM )

I am looking for a excellent bear tannery,maybe some one that specializes in tanning bears for rugs.any one who has {{{repeat}}}
success with a paticular tannery please reply,BY EMAIL IS BEST."THANKS" Earl

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This response submitted by Dave on 12/19/00. ( )

I have had all my bear returned with all claws & very good stretch and very little to no damage. Give them a try I think you will be very happy. They are in WI.

We have tanned many, many bears

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 12/19/00. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

We are located in southern Michigan. A family-owned and operated business which takes pride in their work. We use Rittel's EZ-100 tan and are very pleased with the results. If you think we can be of help e-mail us your address and we will send you our brochure/price list, references, etc., or you can contact us toll free (877-787-3665). Happy Holidays from Gary, Diana & Jeff Kies, K & K Tannery.

Let Us Prove It

This response submitted by Brad Eldred of the Wildlife Gallery on 12/20/00. ( bradwlg@yahoo.com )

The Wildlife Gallery specializes in Bear tanning from Brown and Polar Bear on down to the Black Bear. We have excellent stretch, little to no claw damage, super clean hair finish in 45days or less. We are currently working for several rug companies and hundreds of taxidermists. Give me a call. 517/561/5369

K &K tannery

This response submitted by Brian on 8/28/01. ( hayesb69@yahoo.com )

Hi Gary, my name is Brian Hayes and I`m from Michigan but moved to Minnesota recently. Could you maybe send me some info pacets and a price list so that I can see if we can do some business? If you could e-mail me, i could give you my address.

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