Saftee acid shelf life

Submitted by Mark on 12/19/00. ( )

does anyone know if the there is a shelf life limit to saftee acid? I have pickled hides for years. Tried saftee acid but did not get the plump I had heard you get from it. Also the last batch I made I used a bottle that had been on the shelf for bout 3 months and had some slippage problems (yes the ph was below 2). I am inetersted to hear if the stuff breaks down or not before I use it again. Because it seems to be easy to get and is more cost effective than formic.

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not sure

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 12/19/00. ( )

But I would get a hold of Bruce Rittel. He can answer that question best.

But I have never had a problem with shelf life. I just finished my last bottle from last year and had none of the problems you stated here.

Slippage can be caused by many problems. It all depends on how the hide was handled before you got it and how it was handled after you got it. So to say what caused the slippage is hard to tell unless you give a lot more info.

There is no "Shelf-Life"!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/20/00. ( )

Rittel's Saftee Acid doesnt have a shelf life - however, if you let it freeze, or pickle at below 55 degrees Fahrenhiet, then you may have problems, regardless if the Ph is correct. It's also important to allow the acid to work on the skin. Always allow it to pickle for 3 days to gain the maximum plumping effect on it. And - relax your skins "before" placing them in the pickle. Unless they "open" up you can't expect the acid to penetrate easily and give them a plump look, so shaving is easier. Keep in mind, unless you relax the skins prior to pickling, the pickle will not relax them further, in fact, it is intended to firm and very slightly swell them so that shaving is easy.

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Mark on 12/20/00. ( )

Bruce I hope you didn't I was knocking your products( thought about that after I asked the question) your knowledge of tanning is far superior to mine. It's just that I understood one of the advantages of the product was that it was degradeable after use and was worried that maybe there was a "shelf life".

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