DP solution

Submitted by eric on 12/20/00. ( )

this may sound silly but has anyone ever used dp in a brine or when washing hides(kida goes against the whole dp concept i guess but...) im thinking of using some dp when i wash hides in the solution then of course putting dp on "the normal way" prior to mounting just to insure hide is absorbing an adaquite amount...just a weird idea thought i would ask b4 trying

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I think

This response submitted by Todd T on 12/20/00. ( )

that it will raise your ph levels to high. I personally wouldn't reccomend using the DP until immediately prior to mounting.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 12/20/00. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

Borax does increase your ph, so be careful adding it to any tanning formulas.

It is also sold as a laundry booster, and won't hurt anything if used in your washing of you skins(except it wastes your DP).

The most important point is this---The biggest advantage of DP is it's simplicity. If you use it, then don't waste your time with a brine solution, or any type of tanning steps.

Simply---Flesh, rinse, DP, tumble, mount. in that order.
No need to muck up the process with extra steps.

And if you are gonna tan--don't waste your DP, because you don't need it.

The only possible exception to that, is to use borax as a bugproofer with your tanned skins. If that is your intent, mix up a borax saturate solution, and rehydrate your skins in it before mounting.

Good Luck

DP Formula

This response submitted by Old Fart on 12/21/00. ( )

DP is made up mostly of talc powder, a drying agent. Mixing it with water
would be defeating the purpose of the DP.

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