when to degrease

Submitted by eric on 12/20/00. ( )

doing a raccoon with DP (just for practice). which step of the process should the degreasing be.. prior to rinse, or after rinse b4 tumble? thanks again

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Simple Procedure

This response submitted by Pete T. on 12/21/00. ( )

1.Skin & Salt,Re-salt after 24 Hours.
2.Shake out salt,Wash skin with Dawn Liquid and Knowblochs
Kemal-4,Rinse all soapy residue
3. Degrease skin
4.Rinse well
5.hang to drip drain (about 12-15 min)
6. Tumble (about 5-8 min)
7.apply DP
8.Shake out excess DP
9.use good Hide paste on mannikin after mannikin has been preped.
10.Mount as usual
* I would personally suggest that you try Bruce Rittels EZ Tan or
Knowblochs Liquatan..It works much better and the mount will
last longer.I began taxidermy by using DP but I no longer use it.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays

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