First time Deer tanning

Submitted by J Bishop on 12/22/00. ( )

Looking for info (website, previous posts) about tanning and preserving deer hide (first timer). Thanks

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for your first time, try a kit

This response submitted by caspian on 12/22/00. ( )

For your first hide, I'd go with a kit from a supplier. Try the "suppliers" page and look for one. I can recommend Rittles since i've delt with bruce and he has given me exceptional service and advise. i'm sure there are many other suppliers who are equally good, but i haven't tried any of them.
while you're waiting for your kit to arrive, you can begin working on your hide. you'll need to flesh it. That is where you'll scrape the meat, fat and membrane from the flesh side. the easiest way to do it for a beginner is to use a fleshing beam. this can be made from wood or PVC. you'll then use a knife or sharpened piece of barstock to scrape the hide with. check out and browse through the site for instructions on scraping and some pictures.
if you finish scraping your hide and the chemicals still haven't arrived, just coat the hide with salt and it will last until you're ready to work on it.

good luck and have fun with it.


taning dried deer hide ?

This response submitted by bill annett on 12/27/00. ( )

shot a deer early in dec.didnt have time to tan so scraped+dryed. was wondering if i should rehydrate before i put in tan sulution.using sulphuric acid +salt+water sulution.iam green at this ;so any suggestion would be appeciated. thanks bill

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