Submitted by Roy on 12/22/00. ( )

I read a recent post of yours where you said not to let saftee-acid freeze or pickle below 55 degrees.
What would happen if it does? The reason I ask is because I re-ordered some Saftee-acid from a well known supplier and when it came off the UPS truck it had ice in it.
Also I do let the heat run all the time in the shop. What can I expect from this? Thank you for your information and expertise.


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Saftee Acid!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/22/00. ( )

Saftee Acid when it freezes may cause crystals to form when you first thaw it. Until you have thawed the crystals "back" into its solution (SA-200), don't use it. Your Ph's will be off or not hold. Or quite simply your solution will be unstable. Pickling and tanning below 55 degrees Fahrenhiet is definitely not recommended. For one thing, it slows down the activity of the chemical, and for another, a lot of the salt used to protect your skins from acidity will come out of solution. Warm water holds more salt then cold. In fact, I highly recommend it be 65 or higher when tanning and pickling for the very best chemical activity and results.

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