Comments on thawing a Yote..Bruce,Mark,JC?

Submitted by Marc on 12/23/00. ( )

Took in a Black yote two weeks ago. Have some free time to flesh,salt,pickle,shave,and tan. It was brought to me stinking as most yote's are, and I was slightly concerned about the improper field care it had recieved. Seems it had been shot 7-8 hours prior to being dropped off at my shop, the temps have been hovering around 60-65. Why is it some folks feel the need to drive their trophies half way around the state for half the day showing anyone that'll look before they bring them to ya? Anyway let me get to the point, took it out to thaw Fri afternoon and checked it this evening, still solid as a rock. I keep my shop around 65-75 while I'm there working, and 55-65 when I'm closed. Thought it would have thawed a bit more than it had, not a real big yote either, bout 30#. I've been reading the archives for the past two evenings(hey, imagine that, someone actually reading those things, thought they were maybe just a rumor) I came across a reply I think it was from John, on thawing in the pickle. Never done it and would like some furthur input on this method. I don't want to end up having to work on "stinky" Christmas day. So if it's not ready to do tomorrow can I chunk it in there, and what other precautions should I be taking? I use Bruce's saftee acid. Thanks to all! Happy Holidays! Marc

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You can thaw under running water

This response submitted by John C on 12/24/00. ( )

I have thwed them in a pickle with a pH of around 4. When I get a questionable hide, I mark it thaw fast. I would thaw it in running waterand keep easing it apart as it thaws. Then give it a quick turn and fleshing might tumble it if you feel it will hold up or use a shop vac to dry it. Now if you had a AUTO-TANNER as soon as you get it thawed and split out, I would run it in the TANNER for two hours, I am sure it would save it. Then shave the hide.

As for the customers dragging anaimals around and showing them off. It must be a primordial instinked (pun intended) same with hanging deer in the front yard. I am great hunter! See me kill, um, me put food on table. Same with antler envy, I have wondered about some of them over the years, like teenage boys in a locker room, who is the biggest and greatest./

Tanning Guys will Cringe

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/24/00. ( )

But your specimen is a prime candidate for dry preserve. And I already know, I hear the tanning guys screaming, but submerging this animal in ANYTHING is inviting trouble. He's been too warm too long and you have about a 90% chance of slipping. With DP, You can skin it out after it thaws in a fridge quickly, turn the ears and get it on a manniken before those microscopic bad things start making it a candidate for the Hair Club for Men. Once it's mounted and quickly groomed, don't touch it till it dries. Say all the bad things you like, but on small game, good DP work is indistinguishable from tanned work. (All right, Dave Taylor. Where are you when I need you? LOL)


This response submitted by Marc on 12/24/00. ( )

I don't like to get involved in the tanning vs. DP debate. I think they BOTH have their place but, I'm afraid my friend that this fella is definitely going to have to get wet at some point. Looks like it was drug through the swamp! It's fur is matted and completely crusted in dirt. It was taken with the aid of dogs I'm told, and apparentlty they did a number on it in a ditch before it was dispatched. Still waiting on some more responsed. Thanks guys. Marc

Here is what I do....

This response submitted by Becky on 12/24/00. ( Keytaxidermy )

If you have left your animal out all night he should be ready to skin even if still a bit frozen. I would start skinning him "as is" then as soon as I got the body skinned (head and feet still in) I would rub salt in. Then finish skinning the head and feet. Salt, re- salt,flesh then pickle and go on. If the hide doesn't surive this then he was too far gone. I always warn customers when they bring me something Questionable so there are no surprises. I have had great luck with doing it this way. To put the whole animal in the pickle would be just to messy for me to deal with and I think the faster you get it salted the better...Just my way of dealing with the stinkers!

Thanks to all

This response submitted by Marc on 12/24/00. ( )

Thanks to all who responded. The nasty bugger has been salted, we'll see if he makes it through pickling and tanning! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Marc

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