Lots of Ambition to Learn

Submitted by Craig on 12/24/00. ( craig@landmarknet.net )

I am very interested in learning taxidermy. I am an avid hunter and am mostly interested in doing my own critters and maybe for friends. I am also interested in doing some tanning, I have tried some squirrels with some tanning methods from the net. Well let me get to my question, I am looking for some good instruction on both. I checked out a 12 hour video course on the WASCO site and I have been reading in the forum for a while. I feel the best way to learn would be from some one in the bussines but that is not an option. I have little money but a lot of ambition, too much sometimes! Does any one have any suggestions, I sure would appreciate it.

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Be VERY careful

This response submitted by Georger Roof on 12/24/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

If, as you say, you have "little money", you need to prepare yourself for having even less. This is a labor intensive trade that, for some reason, is considered neither art nor trade. We are more like craftsmen who market our sales at fleamarkets (i.e. there seems to be no national standards, no accepted price guidelines, and no structured educational system).

Your best bet is to join the WASCO video club and rent the tapes that you want to learn. AFTER you've watched them, try the steps they offer and if you have difficulties, WASCO has provided this wonderful site for you to come and ask questions about particulars.

One "warning" perhaps. If you enjoy fishing and hunting, this IS NOT THE TRADE YOU WANT. Keep it and guard it as a hobby. Most of us started just like you and we found our "friends" numbers burgeoning who wanted us to "give them a deal". That'll only make your poorer quicker.

State Association

This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 12/24/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I would say join it and go to their seminars. Talk with people there, many will guide you and give you suggestions on how to learn or gain the knowledge you want. The next best thing is to learn from video's and books.

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