Fleshing a Red Fox

Submitted by Michael Spencer on 12/25/00. ( mlspencer1@juno.com )

I have a red fox that I intend to send in for tanning for a friend. This will not be mounted, but used only as a wall hanging. I skinned it last night and turned the feet, one ear and then I had to quit (fatigue and dull scalpel blades). I went ahead and froze it (it had not been frozen before as it was just given to me by a friend who just shot it yesterday). There is very little fat or meat on the hide but it does still need to be fleshed. I have done many coons but do not know how to scrape & flesh a fox. Their hides are so thin, what is the trick? Also, how important is it that all the membrane is our of the ears when I turn them, since it will not be mounted? Any help would be much appreciated folks! Thanks & Merry Christmas!

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This response submitted by George Roof on 12/25/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

Michael, if you are sending it to a tannery, don't worry about the fine tendrils of flesh on the hide. Do as you've done in turning the ears, splitting lips and eyelids and pulling the feet out. Cut any larger chunks of meat and fat free, though there is very little of this on a fox anyway. Salt it heavily and when it's dried sufficiently, send it to the tannery. They will sand the hide to remove those little scraps that you are having trouble with. (Now if YOU ever decide to do it, use a wire wheel. It erases the meat without endangering that thin skin.)


This response submitted by Dave on 12/29/00. ( stufer856@aol.com )

Prep your fox {turn ears.split lips, noes,tail etc} salt for 1/2 hour. remove salt,This will have {SET}the meet at this time. It is now very easy to just pull off any meet and fat with your hands. resalt, let dry and ship.

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