first time deer hide needs advice on steps

Submitted by Chip Balden on 12/26/00. ( )

First, I want to say I appologize for what some may think as a basic question, but I shot my very first deer this year and even though he was only a 4 point he is exciting to me and would like to try and tan the hide so as to make a back drop on the wall for my scull mount which I have taken the hide off the scull to with the hopes to maybe place back onto the scull mount. This project does not have to "look" perfect and I am not worried about the edges or whatever I should be..(see I told you, this was my first) I just want something I can hang on the wall with the mount, shell, and photo of the kill with me where he fell. (hehehe, it was Nov 16th when I got him and I still get all giggly and excited when I think about it) anyways, the hide is still frozen and fairly clean, and the scull had been frozen till this last week when I removed the fur and boiled out the rest and now has had kosher salt on it for two days...sorry to be so long winded but I am just really "green" here and wanted to give evrything I could so to help with any answers.

Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for any and all help!

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This response submitted by Rob on 12/26/00. ( )

Chip congrats on the kill every deer is a trophy to me.Check WASCO or VanDykes and they have kits to do a European Skull mount and also to tan your deer hide.If you can't find any info E mail me and I will go in depth on both subjects. CONGRATS Agin! and always shoot straight and often!. ROB

Tanning for beginners

This response submitted by Dan Stokes on 12/25/01. ( )

I am interrested in the art of hide tanning, and I was wondering where I could get some beginners information so I can started,
Dan Stokes

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