liqua soft?

Submitted by dan on 12/26/00. ( )

A couple of months I taned a muskrat. I has complatly deied and its as
stiff as a board. I used liqua-tan to do it. Is it too late to apply liqua
soft to it to soften it up or is it too late? Any help is good! thanks
in advance.

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You can

This response submitted by Mark on 12/26/00. ( )

You can add the Liqua Soft, just lay out the skin flesh side up and lightly dampen the skin with a spray bottle, once dampened then warm up your liqua Soft and work it in. Sometimes you can work the skin and that will help, other times if a skin is greasey it will go stiff as well.



This response submitted by Dan on 12/27/00. ( )

Thanks for the help Mark. I'll have to give it a try and see if it will work.


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