mounting with a tanned hide?

Submitted by nick on 12/26/00. ( )

how do i go about softeing the face and paws of a bear that i just got back from my tannery(advantage fur),i do not know what they use to tan the hides.

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Dave Says

This response submitted by DAve Taylor on 12/26/00. ( )

Any time you are gonna mount a tanned skin you need to rehydrate it first. place your bear in a bucket of water for maybe an hour, then roll in up and place in a refrigerator overnite.

different people will tell you different times to soak and sweat the skin (check the archives for rehydration methods)

but I dont think its really that critical about the time.

Good Luck

call advantage fur

This response submitted by Todd on 12/27/00. ( )

call your tannery, ask their reccomended method of re-hydration some tanneries have certain steps to follow for their skins.

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