First fox

Submitted by Dave on 12/26/00. ( )

Am planning on tanning my first fox using saftee acid and liqua tan. My question is after salting for 48 hrs can skin be placed in pickle or should it be left to dry hard? If left to dry hard what is the best way to rehydrate and with what and for how long? Also do fox need to be degreased? If so do I do it before or after the pickle? Thank you for any responses. The forums have been a great learning tool for me. Thanks again.

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Dry It

This response submitted by Mark on 12/26/00. ( )

You really need to dry the fox out all the way, they are tuff to keep from slipping anyway. Once dry you can rehydrate it in a rehyd solution of to each gallon of water add the following

1 gal water
4 oz salt
1/8oz Basacryl NBKU

then place into your pickle, sometimes with a fox I will add a little
aluminium sulphate to the pickle, make sure its the Iron free powder.
use 1 oz to each gallon in your pickle.

If the fox is greasey then wash or degrease after you pickle.
Kemal 4 will work just fine to deagrease and wash, then continue on.

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