Bruce Rittel Saftee Acid?

Submitted by Shannon Poirier on 12/27/00. ( )

Just receved a bottle of Saftee Acid today from U.P.S. it was froze like a rock I let it thaw out and then shook it up real good is it ok and what problems if any could I expect to have. Thank You for your help

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same thing happened to me

This response submitted by kelly on 12/27/00. ( )

i also bought saftee acid and when it arrived it was frozen solid, i thawed it out, and mixed up a batch and checked the ph, then waited another 24 hours and tested it again, it was the same 1.0 ph so i put my skin in. its been 3 days now and i have stirred it and checked the skin, no slippage so thats good. i think there should be a warning right on the bottle warning against the product freezing not just in the ad for the item in the catalogs.

Saftee Acid and Freezing!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/27/00. ( )

Saftee Acid will freeze. Usually it will also thaw and return to normal - however, if you notice crystals in it that do not disolve, it will have lost some of its strength and if you do use it - monitor the Ph level. If it happens - check the PH after mixing it up, about an hour after the skins are in, and early the next day. If it holds - you're fine, if it jumps up near 2.0 - add more acid. Keep it under a 2.0. Will it pickle - yes - but you will need more acid (about double what you normally use)to maintain it below a 2.0 like it should be. It shouldnt harm the skins - unless you let it slowly creep upward and dont bring it down.

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