Another Lutan F question

Submitted by Becky on 12/28/00. ( Keytaxidermy )

Sorry guys...I searched the old posts but couldn't find a clear answer. I followed the directions on the container as far as mixing BUT it didn't mention this, How long should capes stay in? I have read three days, 16-18 hours and 48 hours. Also the Ph is around 6 so I added more Lutan and it stayed the same should I add Saftee acid to bring it to 3.5 ? and lastly, do I neutralize the capes? Again, sorry if you already answered these questions...

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This response submitted by Dan R on 12/28/00. ( )

If you have some of your pickle solution left you can add some of that to bring the ph down. If you don't then use some saftee acid. But what ever you do get that ph down NOW. Instruction on my Lutan F says for deer hides leave in solution for 48 hours.

Thanks Dan!

This response submitted by Becky on 12/28/00. ( Keytaxidermy )

My container only had the mixing instuctions. I took the hides out and oiled them at 18 hours soooo? they seem ok, no slipping etc. I still wonder if I needed to neutralize them again after the lutan, esp. if I have to add acid?

Tanning time using Lutan F(N)!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/28/00. ( )

Lutan F(N) is considered a fast tannage. You should not over-tan with it however, or you will lose the strechiness in the cape or skin. After 24 hours, it begins to chemically "cross-link" between itself and adjacent Lutan F sites. This slowly diminishes the stretch. For most usage I tell customers to soak in the tan for Fox 12-14 hours, Deer 14-16 hours and shaven Moose hides or capes 20-22 hours. In most cases however, I generally tan everything at 14-16 hours in it and have never had a problem.

Like most tannages Lutan F(N) is also Ph sensitive - so you should ALWAYS adjust it to a 4.0 before placing in your skins. Dan had a good suggestion - use your pickling solution to adjust it, or simply add some acid to it to bring it down to a 4.0 Ph for tanning. Are you using it at 1 Oz. of Lutan F per each 1 Lb. of skin weight? Or - 2 Ozs. per each 1 Gl. of solution?

Yes, neutralize them for 15-20 minutes in a baking soda bath, then rinse and place them in the tan.

Thanks Bruce!

This response submitted by Becky on 12/28/00. ( Keytaxidermy )

Thanks for answering.....I used 2 0z Luntan FN per gallon of Water. It seems my water has a such a high Ph I always do have to use more acid in pickles. So can I assume neutalizing before the Tan(and after the pickle) is all I need to do? Just seems like if I add Acid to the TAN I should re-neutralize? Of course maybe the rinse after the Tan and then again after the Oil is enough to neutalize it.

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