shinking capes

Submitted by Dan J. on 12/28/00. ( )

I buse a auto tanner and I'm having trouble with my lips pulling out and my eyes opening up like someone put a carrot up there ass I keep on them but they just seem to keep opening up.Please help.

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SOunds like your not fleshing them thin.

This response submitted by John C on 12/28/00. ( )

Not sure of your meaning, but it sounds like two problems, not thinning the skins correctly and lack of GLUE.

I thin them until you can almost see thru them. also I tuck the inner skin of the eye lid about 1/16th of a inch, still you have to glue around the eye. and use lots of glue in the lip slot. Thin thill they are almost blue. JOhn C/

Or maybe they don't have enough oil!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/28/00. ( )

Oil helps to maintain the size of capes and skins when they're tanned - even in the Auto Tanner. Don't depend on putting oil in the tan to do the job. It's not enough, and its effect is often insignificant in lending softness and "size" to the finished piece. YOU MUST OIL THE CAPE AFTER TANNING TO PREVENT SHRINKAGE. Otherwise, yes, you face shrinkage problems - with any tan.

think small

This response submitted by phantom on 12/28/00. ( )

use smaller carrots!


This response submitted by Mark on 12/29/00. ( )

I also have an autotanner and the type of oil used also is a key factor. I use the proplus from Rittels and have very minimal shrinkage. Swabbing the oil on thes capes after their removed from the machine is far superior to adding in the tan. Using adhesives and pastes will also reduce your carrot eyes. Good luck, Mark


This response submitted by Dan J. on 12/29/00. ( )

Thanks for the help! and happy holidays

What's Shinking ?

This response submitted by :) on 12/30/00. ( )

I've never Shanked a cape before but it sounds like fun
How do you shink a cape, Dan. (LOL)

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