PH-Meter test?

Submitted by Petra on 12/28/00. ( )

I got a old ph-meter and I was wondering if there is any test I can do to make sure that it is working right before I use it on my pickle and tan ? this ph-meter is one that was used for testing soil before...I'm a there any difference to a ph-meter used for testing tanning solutions ?
any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Soil versus ionic solutions!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/28/00. ( )

The Testors used to test pools and soils are different than the ones used in the tanning industry to test Phs. For one thing, they are dealing with "low" ionic solutions (minute quantities) whereas in tanning we are dealing in very "high" ionic solutions (lots of chemicals). Even if it tests OK - it is doubtful it will test within the range important to tanning - namely the acidic side from 0-5 Ph. Usually such meters read well in the neutral ranges from 6-8 Ph. My suggestion - buy papers or a "tanning" type Ph Meter.

ph buffer solution

This response submitted by jeff on 12/30/00. ( )

There are ph buffer solutions. One with a ph of 4 and the other with a ph of 7. Used to calibrate ph meter to the low and high side.I think I saw some in one of the taxidermy supply catalogs. You can also get it from a lab supply house.

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