cleaning a skull

Submitted by Michael Spencer on 12/29/00. ( )

Hello friends! I pruchased some Sal Soda for cleaning up skulls but do not know if I should be using this solution on skulls that have just been skinned out. In other words do I have to let the bugs eat it down first before I use the stuff or can I place a skull with all the meat still on it in the boiling water? Any thoughts?

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This response submitted by ROB on 12/29/00. ( )

Mike just skinn out the head and cut as much meat and membrane then mix up a sal soda solution and boil for about 30 min.Than scrape the rest of the meat off or if you have a power washer power wash it off.


Yep boil it

This response submitted by John C on 12/29/00. ( )

There are complete instructions in one of the WASCO books.

But trim as much meat off as you can and cook it. I prefer a temp of arounf 170 F it does as good as hard boiling and does not tend to over
cook the skull. You may have to keep a check on it and scarp some from time to time. JOhn C

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