Tannery Info. Needed!

Submitted by Chuck B. on 12/29/00. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

I'm new to taxidermy and would like to find a reputable tannery close to my home location. I live in N.W. Alabama. Would appreciate any and all help received. This is the greatest gathering of taxidermy minds on the net! You have absolutely NO IDEA how much a novice taxidermist can learn from ya'll! Keep it up!

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Chuck, it not a close tannery, but a quality tannery

This response submitted by John C on 12/29/00. ( )

I see often people wanting to know of a tannery in their state or close by. I use different tanneries for different hides. Some just plain do a better job shaving which means better penetration of tannins and oils. Some have been know to shave bear and boar so thin the hair falls out when sweated for mounting. Some have been known strtch a cat hide for length, (I feel to charge you more) and this is wrong as the hair will most likly fall out when mounted.

Be more specific on what you want tanned. Some do great african skins other don't want a african skin in the house. Good luck John C

To John C.

This response submitted by Chuck B. on 12/29/00. ( wcbrandenburg@cs.com )

All I would like to have tanned at this time would be deer capes, bobcats, coons, and maybe a few grey foxes. Not much call down here for bear, elk, moose. Maybe in the future, If I can get this biz started right! I realize that QUALITY should come before conveinence, thats one reason why I added the word REPUTABLE in my question. Just wanted to check and see if I could find a reputable tannery in the southeast so that I could get a few price lists and contact a few references. Sometimes a fellow might get lucky and find Quality as well as Conveinence. The tannery doesn't have to be in Alabama, I'm also close to TN, MS, GA, or just the southeast in general. I read alot of posts from John C, and you usually have pretty good advise, keep up the great work and thank you for the input.

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