? for Bruce Rittle

Submitted by Dave Toms on 12/29/00. ( dtkt@initco.net )

Tried calling but got the answering machine, figured you were gone but noticed a few answers here.

Anyway, my question is that after pickling I shave, back in acid, shave again and then in acid for 12 more hours. looks great. Then when I take it out of the EZ tan 100 it is plumped up even better. Can I give my capes a quick shave after the ez tan and before the oil? If not, then can I shave it after the oil has been dried out? Or is there anyway to get them right the first shaving. Seems like I begin to cut holes when I go any thinner the first time? Thanks again for you help and for your great products.

Dave Toms

Rocky Mountian Wildlife Creations

PS That moose turned out great and your ez tan did the job. I have never had so much stretch in a cape like I did with this thing and shrinkage was minimal.

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another question for Bruse

This response submitted by ray on 12/29/00. ( )

Will Propylene Glycol in salt afect the salting of the cape,or the tanning of the cape. Thanks

Yes - you can shave after tanning!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/30/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Yes, you can shave it "after" tanning it in the EZ-100, but most guys like to only shave it once. Usually if you allow it to thoroughly pickle for 3 days, it's plumped good, and shaves well. I know you say you've tried this, but most Taxidermists shave their capes until the skin (usually a milky white when fully pickled) begins to slightly change color, usually a hint of blue. That's the sign to stop and don't shave any deeper. I wouldnt recommend shaving after the oiling. Yes, again it can be done, but it isnt considered the normal time to try it. Some guys have told me that after they dry out the tanned and oiled cape, then rehydrate it to mount the next day later, they sometimes do some touch-up shaving shaving, but the cape is now fully relaxed, and afterwards they prep and mount it. Rittels is happy to hear you enjoy our products! I regret missing your calls - but our employees are off this week during the Holidays, and although I'm doing some work, I've also taken some time to be with my family. Thanks for your kind comments on EZ-100 and Saftee Acid. Have a Happy and successful New Year!

As for Ray's Question - Sorry Ray! Propylene Glycol isnt something I've had experience with. I can't answer that one. In fact, I am unaware of any Salt having it as an additive. Is it some new kind - or special type of salt? Have a Happy and successful New Year!

P.S. - For Ray!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/30/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Propylene Glycol is used as Anti-Freeze and as an Engine Coolent. It shouldnt be present in your Salt, except as a contaminate. If it has ant effect at all, it will be that it will tend to "firm" the skin instead of softening or relaxing it. It would act similiar to an alcohol based product.

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