? For MR. Rittel

Submitted by Jeff S. on 12/30/00. ( jjsmith@localnet.com )

When using the 609 relaxer,do I still need to add the salt with the 609 and water?
I'm using 12.5 gallons of water/8oz. of 609.
After I remove from rehydrating salted skins,Is it ok to put right into saftee acid pickle or should I rinse first?

Thanks for your time
Jeff S.

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You don't need Salt!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/30/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Don't use Salt in your Relaxing bath with US-609. It isn't needed. Also - don't add Bacteriacides! They may push the Ph too high and begin to weaken the epidermis. I don't recommend them with our Rittels US-609. If you are relaxing a salt dried cape I recommend using it 1 Part US-609 and 200 Parts Water(cool to lukewarm). Most such capes will relax out in 8-14 hours. I usually simply leave them overnight and pull them out the next day, rinse, and then place them in the pickle. It's wise to rinse them of any US-609 left on them may bounce up your pickling solution's Ph. I wish you a Happy and successful New Year!

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