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Submitted by Paul on 12/30/00. ( )

I have recently salted a bunch of deer capes and a prized elk cape in my garage. However, the conditions were quite cold I would say in the 10-20 degree range. Meanwhile the capes were placed on a sloped rack to allow the fluids to drain effectively. After two days the skins were brought into the warm atmosphere of my shop for a second salting where they are now left to dry thoroughly. I was wondering if the skins will trap moisture due to the extreme temperature changes and if any harm it will have to the epidermis. Now I have read in one of your past postings where you had commented on pink mold. Does this apply here. I have not witnessed any hair pulling out anywhere on the capes.

Thanks for the informative phone conversation the other day. Looking forward to sending a few skins

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Paul, thats a hard question for anyone to answer

This response submitted by John C on 12/31/00. ( )

The reason is what condition were the hides in before you salted them? What else has went one that noone has been able to help with.


If they are not slipping now they are OK in most cases. Since You said they are not slipping, get them dry to ship asap.

Pink mold it just that pink or sometimes reddish even.

DID YOU CHANGE the salt after 24 hours and resalt?

Hopefully you did not stach the hides on top of each other while they drained, I haer of lots of people stacking wet hides, it is asking for trouble. Good luck John C.//

You're O K Paul

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 1/1/01. ( )

Even in the cold temperatures, the salt is still working, just not quite as fast. Since you've brought them inside in the warm, don't leave them stacked too long, just as John C said, this is where you will run into problems. If you leave them stacked, wet, where it's warm for an extended period, that's where pink mold happens, but since you were on the second salting, and it's only been a few days, I wouldn't worry too much. Just go ahead and hang them to dry now, and you should be in great shape.


Saved My Skin

This response submitted by Paul on 1/1/01. ( )

Hi Keith, I didn't mean to shock you by the "Response Title" in regards to my question, but it did work effectively. Thanks for lifesaving response .... you saved my skin on this one! Ha Ha

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