need quick advise please....

Submitted by eric on 12/31/00. ( )

friend of mine gave me some mammal hides....he told me that he had already salted them ...well he failed to tell me that he did not do any fleshing prior to salting and the flesh has dried making it hard to remove....should i just rehydrate in a salt brine or would that be wasting my time......any suggestions would be of help
thanks eric

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Big chunks of red meat?

This response submitted by John C on 12/31/00. ( )

Thats how I understand your question, use a salt brine to rehydrate them, I had some african hides that were like that and it wroked on them , mind you they were short hairded. Do one at a time, dont rush this and maybe they will work out, I would not use a relaxer on them as it could cause slippage due to the heavy meat left on them. JOhn C/

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