stiff hide

Submitted by chuck on 1/3/00. ( )

I fleshed and tanned a hide (white tail) for the first time and it is real stiff. It is not plyable at all after it dried. This was one that I am using to practice on so it is not a real big deal but I was wondering if I didn't get the hide thin enough or I didn't use enough liqua tan. I put the liqua tan on with a paint brush just like it said. But when I lay the hide flat it will stand like it is still on the drying rack. How can you tell if you are getting the hide thin enough? I realize that it will take time and practice but I did get a little to thin in a few spots, I went right through. Is there anything that tells you when your thin enough. Any suggestions?

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Did you rehydrate it?

This response submitted by Todd B on 1/3/00. ( )

If you followed the directions you should be fine. Aftr you tanned it did you oil it?
I have never used Liqua tan before. I use Lutan F but I think it would be similar.
I tan the hide and oil it. After it dries I rehydrate it and it is ready to mount.
If it is not a rehydration problem I am not sure what it is.

Todd B


This response submitted by Steve A. on 1/3/00. ( )

If you want a soft pliable hide you need to spend some time breaking the
hide. A 6 ft. tumbler with sawdust will do this. If you don't have one
you can do this by hand when the hide starts to dry out. For capes this
breaking process is not needed.

Proper oiling and breaking is the answer

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 1/4/00. ( )

If you are tanning for mounting you don't need the oil with Liqua-tan.
But if you let the cape or hide dry out it will be stiff as a board. That's where rehydrating instructions come in handy.

If you are tanning for a soft piece of fur or hide then the work has just begun. Oiling and breaking are the keys to softness with Liqua- tan. Speaking from experience.


This response submitted by Mark on 1/4/00. ( )

You can use either Tanning oil #1 or Liqua Soft to swabb the skin with, After you have tanned it you can wait about 18 to 24 hrs then warm up your swabbing oil and work it in as well as break the hide.
You can just rehydrate the hide and mount it, and it will be just fine as well. Mark

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