Tanning revolutionized.

Submitted by MQT on 1/6/00. ( mmtax31@aol.com )

I thought I would post a message to some of you part-timers or full timers about tanning with Ritter's Saftee-Acid. I have used the Liqua tan system for years and used the system to the tee. I only do taxidermy part time and never felt like I did enough work for pickles and acids. Although the liqua-tan's pretan#110 system produced good results I never really felt like it plumped the skin as much as it should have for good fleshing. I was satisfied with this system until a friend brought me a cape that had been pickle with Saftee acid. The cape had the plumpest flesk I have ever seen on a cape and fleshed easier than any cape I have ever done. If you are not using Saftee acid in your tanning system you really should check it out. I am completely sold on the product. Just thought I would share thoughts....I am probably behind with the times some to boot. Good Luck.

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Many Thanks!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

As a Supplier of this acid its hard for me to tell someone how good I really feel this acid is without being accused of being prejudical. Obviously, I want to sell it - but only because I think it really is a great pickling acid. However, the final OK on it has to come from a customer like yourself MQT. And for that - many thanks. I appreciate your feedback!

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