Submitted by Bill Barker on 1/7/00. ( dosey7@aol.com )

I have just began using the "Commercial Tanning Method" for all of my hides. Can the experts please advise me of the process you use to handle the hides when they return from the Tanner until you mount. Do you rehydrate and freeze until you have time to mount? If so, how do you bag? Do you have to be concerned about freezer burn? Now, once you remove the hide from the freezer what process do you follow like; fleshing/thinning (is a fleshing machine needed or useful),washing, do you tumble (if so, how long), etc.? Thanking you in advance for your assistance. Your help will be most appreciated.


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Hey Bill

This response submitted by Bill on 1/7/00. ( yoxtax@aol.com )

I also use mostly commercially tanned hides and capes. I soak up a batch as Im ready to do that weeks work, checking the sizes against my raw measurements for ordering, then "tag and bag". A cape in the freezer for a short term visit will be fine. Long term storage will require a secure bag with the cape rolled tight so it doesnt dry out. Its really not a problem anyway. The rest of the leather not being soaked is still stored in the freezer to help save the shelf life. Depending on the tannery, condition of the cape, etc, I dont wash, tumble or shave mine. I do hand shave the lips, eyelids, nostrils and remove ear cartilage, though.

Tanning Carp Skins.. Need help!!

This response submitted by brendan wintle on 3/4/00. ( b.wintle1@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au )

I have a pile of carp skins that i have salted in the hope that I
might tan them to leather. However, I cant find anyone who knows
how or is willing to try it out. If anyone knows of a technique that
they are willing to share, I would be most grateful!!

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