EZ100 and Pro Plus oil

Submitted by John on 1/8/00. ( browtines@aol.com )

I have been using the EZ100 for tanning for the last couple of years. I really like it . And I have been using the proplus oil. But on an average cape I have been using 1 oz. of oil to 2 oz. of hot water. Is that enough or am I way short. I was always in the understanding that you shouldn't over oil a deer cape. Any one know the the proper method. Thanks in advance..........John

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Right On!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

If you are referring to 1 fl. oz. of PP-301 to 2 fl. oz. of Water - you're using it exactly right! As for Oiling - ALL TANNED SKINS MUST BE OILED AFTER TANNING - NO EXCEPTIONS! The Oil obviously makes them soft but it also holds their size - otherwise you'd have massive shrinkage. Hot tap water is good - never boil a tanning oil mix - otherwise it may seperate the oil.

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