Another Salt Question

Submitted by Bo on 1/12/00. ( )

I have read in here that some taxidermist buy their salt at a feed store in 50# sacks. I just bought 50# bag of "stock salt" from a feed store for $2.50. It's a great price but this stuff is a lot more coarse than granulated salt. Not as coarse as rock salt but a lot more than the canning salt that I have been using. My question for those that get their salt at the feed store, is this the stuff that you use? Thanks, Bo.

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This response submitted by Shawn on 1/12/00. ( )

The salt you have is probably 0k. I've used it before with no problems. The salt I get at my feed store is called livestock mixing salt and it is pretty fine granulated. It runs anywhere from 2.50 a bag to 2.85 a bag depending on the quantity you buy.

Food Grade

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 1/12/00. ( )

Bo: We use several tons a year and farm stores are OK to buy from, but the key is to find food grade which means it is a granulated to a fine food grade state. We have been able to purchase from Culligan (the water softener people) for a good price, and the best part they deliver to my shop.

A separate note: Look for salt with no additives as this plays an important role in the tanning process. Hope this helps, Gary Kies, K & K Tannery & Fur Dressing.


This response submitted by Doug M. on 1/13/00. ( )

That salt works well but it comes in several different consistencies. Make sure you get the "fine". What you bought will work but IMO the finer the better. If what you bought is labled as "fine" then you might try to find a different brand. It seems that companies have different ideas about what is "fine." I'll echo the above advice about having no additives. Anti-clumping agents, etc can make things interesting for the tanneries.

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