Wire Brush Fleshers for Whitetail?????

Submitted by Mike on 1/12/00. ( djohns06@mail.win.org )

I've been needing to get a fleshing machine for my deer hides. The large table mounted fleshers are too expensive for my budjet. I was wondering if a wire brush flesher would work for whitetail deer. If not, would an air powered, handheld flesher work?

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Flesh all mini shaver

This response submitted by Tom on 1/12/00. ( tomdotterer@taconic.net )

I have a fleshall mini shaver for sale that is in new condition
It works well on all types of hide. It is air powered. New $190
Sell for $125

Black and Decker

This response submitted by Bo on 1/13/00. ( pearsontaxidermy@att.net )

Mike, a 6" bench grinder with a wire brush works very good on a pickled hide. Use a skive knife on most of the face and with a little practice you can get execellent results. Turn the shield on the grinder down and adjust the tool rest very close to the brush. Be careful because it can and will suck the hide into the wheel. Bo

Wire brush fleshers for whitetail.

This response submitted by Larry on 1/13/00. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

I used a wire wheel flesher to do all my capes and hides since I saw one demonstrated at the world taxidermy show in 1983. I used it on everything from mink to moose and bison, and it works great. No down time from nicks in a blade due to pebbles, pieces of shot/bullets, etc. It provides many other advantages, too numerous to go into here. If you'd like more information on this type of machine which you can build yourself (not just a wire wheel on a bench grinder), give me a call at 218-729-8452.

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