hair slip on a home tanned cape

Submitted by Bud on 1/8/00. ( )

I have been using the ez 100 tan and having some very good results
and very minimum shrinkage. On some of my capes I have had some hair slip problems during the mounting. First started out just salting twice and pickeling,now I have been letting them dry out hard and rehydrating with a salt and bactracide solution for 24 hrs or so before the pickel, thought this would take care of the problem, but still having the slip on some skins. I follow the directions, but too long in the tan perhaps? I use recomended time on directions. How do the tannerys check for complete tan and but not to much tan? I set ph in pickel at 1.5-2.0 and check daily [saftey acid] when they are in pickel. At the tim of removal from tan the hair seems to be firm -I oil and let it sweat for 4-6 hrs. Will the temp be a factor in tan? I know sometimes when I oil the skin seems a little cool. Should I let the tanned skins dry and then rehydrate? What am I doing wrong? or do the skins already have some bacteria growth even before salting
I know they have some but??????? Thanks for any suggestions!

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Some tips!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/8/00. ( )

Its hard to guess where you may be having a problem - but one thing I woould cut back on is rehydration for 24 hours. Usually my skins are soft enough after only 8-10 hours - 14 hours max! Dont oversoak them or you'll only re-loosen the roots again. Cut back on that timing. As for the skin temp at the time of oiling - it should be at room temp to accept the oil well - but it shouldnt have any effect on causing loose hair. Sometimes a long drying time can cause loose hair. Water lays at the base of the hair and slowly begins to pulp the epidermis or area around the root of the hair. Do you damp dry your capes or skins after tanning to remove excess moisture from only the outside of the skin, and then oil them? Even if you throw them in a garbage bag filled with some sawdust and bounce them around, and then blow it out and oil them, its better then oiling them sloppy wet and having them take forever to dry and then loosen. I hope I've covered something that might help.

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