thin enough????

Submitted by cory p on 1/9/00. ( )

i machine flesh my deer capes twice,that usually gets them to about an 1/8 inch thick on the body,neck,and big areas on the the face.i then knife flesh around eyes lips and nose to about a 1/16of an inch or what sometimes seems thinner.ives always heard thinner is better ,also my machine fleshing is getting better with each hide but will my uneveness on the larger areas be a problem or even noticed?sorry so long but real concerned thanks

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Stop when you begin to see Blue!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/9/00. ( )

I've always shaved until I begin to just see blue in the skin. At that point I stop shaving and its thin enough. Of course, I'm shaving a pickled skin that has pickled for 3 days, had a chance to firm up and plump out. The skin at this point is a creamy white and when you shave, the blue becomes very evident. Basically you are removing 1/3rd of the flesh from the skin, and its usually enough to reflect the muscular features of the form. This would apply to the body, neck or facial areas. The uneveness is normal, considering that the facial area is usually thinner anyway then the other parts.

thinner face

This response submitted by mike on 1/10/00. ( )

you could get alot thinner face if you used a mini flesher instead if a knife. i do it makes a big difference &faster

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