rehydration after salting!

Submitted by sleepy! on 1/13/00. ( )

ok fellas, need some opinions..... i currently have a yote and a big boar coon fleshed and salted thoroughly. temps are well below freezing. how do i go about getting them softened for pickling, can i just wet them or do i need to soak them in a brine before placing in the pickle, please give steps that should be taken as well as ratios. tks.... hard as a rock, sleepy!

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You need warmth!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/13/00. ( )

Nothing will work if you are trying to relax them below freezing. You can soak them in a Salt brine - but thats all you'll accomplish - soaking them! Instead, move them into a warm area, let them reach room temp, and then soak them in a relaxing solution. You can use a brine. Simply mix 2 Lbs. of salt to every 1 Gallon on water needed. If they are salt dried, normally it takes about 8-12 hours to relax them.

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