Auto Tanner........Yes or No

Submitted by Kent on 1/9/00. ( )

Ok gang, after reading as much as I could find in the archives on this. Is the Auto Tannner the way to go or not. Alot of you use the
auto tanner with having good results. I'm pondering if this would be
a wise investment, or a $1000 dust collector. What ever input/advise
you all can give me, good or bad would be greatly appreciated. Have a
great day! Kent

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This response submitted by Barry on 1/9/00. ( )

I have tanned about 250 whitetail capes in the last 1 1/2 years without any problems. I am 100% happy with mine and think it is well worth the money. Barry.

Find someone thats close and rent it and thier shop to do

This response submitted by JOhnC on 1/9/00. ( )

I am very happy with the results I get with mine. Find someone close that has one and offer them a few dollars to try it out.

Some people don't like them some do. But is that not the way with all types of preseravtion. Some do and some don't only you can make the change. It does give you a penetrating tan and can speed production for a small shop greatly. You may out grow it and some day not have the time to do your own tanning. Good Luck JOhn C

Get One

This response submitted by Terry on 3/1/00. ( )

We just buoght the big one, get the big one if you get one at all,
if ya can afford it it will pay for itself 1


This response submitted by john shelton on 4/21/00. ( )

the tanning machine is a revolutionary way to tan hides

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