Slight hair slippage after pickled. Normal or problem.

Submitted by Ryan Hrabe on 1/13/00. ( )

Before any of you say "Read the archives, Stupid!" I already have but didn't find a direct answer. I salted the skin and I was dried rock hard in two days (used a dehumidifier and fan). Rehydrated with 1 gallon water/1/4 lb of salt and a bacteriacide for 12 hours. Rinsed and placed ina safty acid pickle for three days (check pH twice a day usually was around 1-2. While I was fleshing I was testing for slippage and a few hairs would come out of the brisket and back area if I pulled on it. Should I be concerned? Did I do anything wrong? When you salt a hide do you add salt to the flesh and hair side. I concentrated on the flesh side. Is that the problem?

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Slight typing error

This response submitted by Ryan Hrabe on 1/13/00. ( )

Let me correct my statement. The hide was rock hard not me. Pretty funny, huh? O.K. I know I'm the joke of the day.

When a hide or cape slips you will know it...

This response submitted by Craig on 1/13/00. ( )

as the hair or fur will come out in clumps. First of all 12 hours seems a long time to rehydrate especially if the cape or hide is dirty. I'm not sure what kind of bactericide you used but I would have changed the water after 6 hours with a new batch just for good measure.

Animals are constantly losing hair and fur. If you have a dog or cat you probably noticed that. Some hairs lost during the tanning process is common and of course if you pull on them in this state they will come out or break off. The water expands the area around the hair roots and makes this area soft. Unless it is coming out in clumps don't worry.

Salt is applied only to the flesh side of the skin. Hope this helps


This response submitted by Ryan Hrabe on 1/13/00. ( )

Thanks for your help. I will try your advice and change the water. The bactericide I am using is Bascyl NU-B40 (i think that is the name). Any other sugestions out there? Jokes about my previous typo perhaps?

Basacryl NBKU will work great

This response submitted by Mark on 1/13/00. ( )

Ryan the Basacryl is just fine to use, you should be using it at 1/8oz per gallon of water.


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A Tip given to me.........

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A tip given to me by a proffessional Tanner at a International Tanning School was that due to the so called fluffing of the skin,some of the hairroots in the Epidermis that collected impureties(ie fat,dirt,etc) expand to the point of letting the hair go.As I understand it,the higher the acid cont.(Ph),the more slippage will occur.As somebody before me suggested:its a natural thing.

How to handle

This response submitted by Ryan Hrabe on 1/18/00. ( )

If it is a natural thing then how do you professionals handle the skin while your mounting it so you don't lose any hair? i am letting two of my hides dry and they rehydrating them. Will the hair be lose after rehydrating? Come on guys I need some responses? I'm having a heart attact here. I'm thinking about hanging this taxidermy thing up-- too hard on the heart!

Dont have a Heart Attack!

This response submitted by Roland on 1/18/00. ( )

In case you haven't noticed that after the hide is Tanned ,either with LutanF or LiquaTan,this problem generaly goes away by itself.I always make sure I handle evey Cape carefully anyway,but once tanned I have no problems.I also have kept my own Capes drysalted for up to two years and never had a large Hairloss.I might be alone in this suggestion,but mount the sucker and once dry brush it out throughly and you mgiht be suprised at the outcome.Good Luck

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